A blind eye..$$$ over religion…Hmmmmm… Let me guess what, hold your breath, God’s ” Chosen one” will say about the blasphemous actions by the Chinese government. If it is anywhere within 5 timezones of his response to Saudi Arabia’s gruesome mutilation murder of an American journalist, the response will not generate enough indignation to pry loose one strand of his 4 foot long wrap around hair. We all know that Trump’s God is money, and his most sacred possessions are his ego and business interests….in that order. The Second Coming is the only hope that the Chinese Christian’s have that he would sabotage an opportunity to gloat pompously about “his” victory in the tariff/trade war with….Guess who? I’ll take China for $100. They can burn 10 million Bible’s, destroy 10,000 churches, kill and persecute countless Chinese Christian’s and the only response we will get is  the one Saint Trump coughed up about the Saudi’s being too important to American business interests to chasten or punish. China has sent millions of Muslims to reeducation camps. AKA prison. Nothing said by Trump. On the record at least.Neither will he or his cabal of Right Wing Christian interlopers like Hagee, Falwell, or Graham suggest intervention on the sovereign rights of the Chinese agnostics/atheists. It’s time for me to cut this message short. I dont want to be accused of criticizing the “Men of God” as they preach and lie.


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